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Léttsveitin at concert in 1997

Léttsveitin at concert in spring 2019

Female Choir Lettsveit Reykjavikur is a joyful assembly, which mirrors the whole spectrum of feminine reality. Jóhanna V. Thorhallsdottir was the choir's conductor from 1995-2012. Gísli Magna is the choir's conductor from 2013. Accompanist on piano was Adalheidur Thorsteinsdottir who  was with us from the beginning. Our dear Adalheidur left in 2016. Our accompanist from 2018 is Tomas Gudni Eggertsson.

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The conductor of Léttsveitin


Gísli Magna is the conductor of The Female Choir Léttsveit Reykjavíkur. In his childhood Gísli had piano lessons in Tónmenntaskóli Reykjavíkur (Reykjavik Music Academy). When he had finished college he studied singing at Songskoli Reykjavíkur. Later he studied to become a music teacher at Tónlistarskóli Reykjavíkur. For a while he studied singing at The Royal Conservatory in Den Haag in the Netherlands.

In 2007 Gísli started studies at The Complete Vocal Institude in Copenhagen, graduating with a diploma three years later. Gísli has sung with Schola Cantorum, Langholtskirkja Choir, Chamber Choir Carmina, The Vocal Group Carmina, the Vocal Group Gríma, Reykjavík 5 and Bjargræðiskvartetinn. Gísli has taken part in productions at the Icelandic Opera, Reykjavík City Theatre as well as singing background vocals on various CDs. In recent years Gísli´s main focus has been on teaching, arranging and composing music. His music has been performed in Denmark, London, The Netherlands and Portugal. He was the lead arranger for the show AllStars on the Danish Television Station TV2. He has been the lead arranger for the Frostrósir Concerts in Iceland. Gísli was for a while the conductor of The Icelandic Choirs Staka and the Icelandic Women´s Choir in Copenhagen as well as conducting the Danish choir Carmen Curlers. When Gísli lived in London he was conductor of The Icelandic Choir in London. In the autumn of 2012 Gísli Magna became the conductor of The Female Choir Léttsveit Reykjavíkur.

Performas of Léttsveitin 1995-2015

The Lettsveit has since it was founded in 1995 performed at many concerts in Reykjavik and many other places around Iceland. 
Every spring there are concerts which have a special theme, based on the current project. Advent Concerts are annual events, held at various churches around Reykjavik. Lettsveit has also travelled abroad and has performed at concerts in Ireland in 1996 and 1997, in Spain and Portugal in 2000, in Danmark and Sweden in 2002 and in Italy 2004. In april 2006 the Choir took part in a choir festival in Cuba. The choir has also been in England, Germany and is planning a trip to Finland and Estonia in the spring of 2020 as a part of celabrating the 25th anniversary of Léttsveitin :)

Léttsveit 1997

Léttsveit 1997
Léttsveitin at Plænen in Tívoli Copenhagen spring 2002

Léttsveitin at Plænen in Tívoli Copenhagen spring 2002

Concert in spring 2004

Concert in spring 2004

Concert in Riva, Italy May 2004

Concert in Riva, Italy May 2004


To mark the 10th anniversary in the year 2005, the composer Hróðmar I. Sigurbjörnsson composed four musical pieces to poems by Ingibjörg Haraldsdóttir which were premiered at The Choir's spring concert. Bassplayer, Tómas R. Einarsson who has at many occations accompanied The Choir, also composed one song to his own lyrics for the occation.

The year 2005 also saw the making of a 90 minute documentary, "THE CHOIR" about Lettsveit, which was shown in cinemas and was also screened by RUV Television station.
Desember 1st. 2005, The Choir's first CD was released. Recordings of 22 songs performed at concerts during the years 1997-2005 can be found on the CD. Both "THE CHOIR" DVD and the CD are available at lettsveit "@"


Léttsveit Reykjavíkur travelled to Cuba in April and took part in an International Choral festival in Havana.
„Heitar í Havana“ Spring Concerts were at Bústaðakirkja on May8th and 9th.
„Ljóma aftur ljósin skær“ Christmas Concerts were at Langholtskirkja on Desember 7th and 9th.


On September 11th 2007 Lettsveit started its 12th season and counted 108 members. Plans are in progress for The Choir to travel to Berlin in April and the Faroe Islands in September 2008. The season's repertoire will therefore be mirrored by these plans. „Hýrnar um hólma og sker“ Spring Concerts were on May 8th and 9th.
Léttsveit Reykjavíkur travelled to the east coast of Iceland later in May and sang at concerts in Eskifjörður and Seyðisfjörður.
„Mamma er enn í eldhúsinu“ Christmas Concerts were at Bústaðakirkja on Desember 4th and 6th.


„Söngur í krafti kvenna“ Spring concerts were at Bústaðakirkja on April 22nd and 24th
On April 25th Léttsveit Reykjavíkur went to Berlin and sang at a concert in Admiral Palast.
In September Léttsveit Reykjavíkur travelled to The Faroe Islands and sang in concerts in the Nordic House in Thorshavn and in a church in Tóftir.
„Jólabros í skóinn“ Christmas Concerts were at Bústaðakirkja on Desember 9th and 11th.


„Óskalög sjómanna“ Spring concert was on May 3rd in Háskólabíó
September 26th Léttsveit sang the same program in Grindavíkurkirkja in Grindavík.
„Jólasól heims um ból“ Christmas Concerts were at Bústaðakirkja on Desember 8th and 12th.

Concert in Háskólabíó May 2009

Concert in Háskólabíó May 2009
Concert in Harpa november 2010

Concert in Harpa november 2010

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